AIP Properties has worked with all levels of ownership from private investors, REITS and institutional groups all seeking to maximize their real estate position and strategies for properties ranging from portfolios of privately owned real estate, non-performing bank loans, corporate headquarters as well as industrial, office and retail properties. 

Utilizing the marketing technology platforms and services, such as, CREXi, biproxi, Real Capital markets and Ten-X AIP Properties maintain relationships with buyers of investment and development properties, and continually track activity along product type, value range and geographic area.

Being property owners ourselves we seen beyond the bricks and mortar to analyze how property acquisition, ownership, asset rebranding and disposition can accelerate the success of your portfolio.

AIP Properties’ Buyer Investment Strategy

The first step in any engagement is to fully understand the client’s objectives and requirements for an investment property. We collaboratively build an investor profile based on our client desires, resources and requirements to ensure they see every suitable investment opportunity within their defined geographic target area. 

AIP Properties then pre-qualifies each investment using financial modeling of projected performance and historical market data to calculate its current and potential value. AIP Properties then generates multiple discounted cash flow analysis utilizing advanced valuation software, and once a purchase decision is made AIP Properties manages and coordinates every step of the purchase and due diligence process.

Once an investment property is under contract, AIP Properties works through the property’s due diligence documentation to understand current and future contracts and obligations, risk scenarios based on lease expirations and deferred maintenance, and a thorough assessment of the property’s current management and leasing performance.

AIP Properties’ valuation specialist brings can bring a fast, accurate, well-supported documentation to justify a property’s value, while taking a macro view at market dynamics and how issues such as government regulation, infrastructure development, new construction and existing supply and demand for investments can affect long-term values.

Lease auditing tools are also utilized to uncover and capture potential revenue streams, which have proven to be significant for many of our clients by boosting the property’s net operating income.

If requested, AIP Properties, also provides access and coordination for debt service and equity opportunities to help facilitate the purchase process.

AIP Properties’ Unique Repositioning and Asset Branding Services

The uniqueness of AIP Properties’ repositioning and rebranding program lies in two areas. First, over the past twenty-five plus years AIP Properties principals have purchased, repositioned and rebranded and sold in excess of (35) commercial buildings totaling more of $2.0M square feet and grossing over $40M.

Second, and most importantly the AIP Properties principals will fund the total cost of rebranding and repositioning of their clients property. AIP Properties’ unique offer is based on the following assumptions:

  • The client desires to reposition and sell the property over 12-36 months from the initial engagement.
  • AIP Properties is given an exclusive to handle the leasing the asset.
  • AIP Properties investment an 18% annual return investment. Return on rebranding investment is deferred to disposition of the property is completed.
  • AIP Properties is given an exclusive to sell the property once the asset achieves 88% occupancy 
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