AIP offers a turnkey solutions for managing your properties, whether you’re an owner or an investor.  Take a look at what is included in our property management services:

Property Management Services

  • Implement cash management procedures utilizing Intuit QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Collect and deposit all rents and other receivables in a timely manner.
  • Notify tenant of rent escalations and/or pass through charges, with appropriate documentation, in a timely manner.
  • Review, approve and document service invoices and make disbursements from Operating Account.
  • Provide monthly bank reconciliation statements to owners with financial reports.
  • Submit monthly financial statements including general ledger, income statement, delinquency report, and cash flow statement.
  • Conduct an annual operating expense reconciliations and bill tenants, if necessary, invoice tenants for any discrepancies.
  • Submit annual operating budgets and make recommendations for capital budgeting.
  • Comparison of current month and year-to-date actual revenue and expenses to budgeted amounts with appropriate explanation of any significant variance.
  • Delinquent rent report
  • Administer and adhere to established delinquent collection procedures, including sending of letters to tenant, telephone calls to tenant and consultation with owner in the event a delinquency exceeds 45 days.
  • Enforce late fees and cancellation penalties.
  • Send initial demand letters for tenants to relinquish the space.
  • Initiate and follow through with evictions according to Georgia law and within owner guidelines.
  • Coordinate collections of bad debt monies with attorney in the event outside legal means are necessary
  • Generate lease drafts and original documents for review and execution by all parties.
  • Prepare lease documents for tenant and owner execution.
  • If required, prepare commission document for broker and owner execution.
  • Coordinate with attorney in the event outside legal advice is necessary.


VTS is the leading leasing and asset management platform for commercial real estate, enabling landlords and brokers to increase revenue, improve productivity and reduce risk across their portfolios.

VTS provides AIP the ability to help our clients view their portfolios and buildings in the following key areas:

  • Leasing Pipeline
  • Visualize leasing trends across a portfolio
  • Monitor progress of a negotiation and pipeline of their deal flow
  • Track, NPV’s, IRR, concessions on every deal
  • Access full rent-roll, leases, encumbrances and exposure across your entire portfolio

Tenant Relationship Management

  • Quickly understand future lease roll, along with expiring rents compared to market
  • Identify opportunities across an asset by visualizing your tenant options and rights
  • Access your tenant footprint across your entire building or portfolio, including percentage of revenue, square footage

Deal Analysis

  • Evaluate complex deals with a variety of factors and metrics
  • Benchmark against budget assumptions and other deals in your pipeline

Stacking Plan

  • Integrate with every accounting system, auto-creating every stack and populating all its data
  • Track the status of every tenant in a building, including all the deal data, options, and docs. Pull them all right from the stack
  • Understand all the trends in a building to visualize opportunity and exposure
  • Customize and print quickly for client meetings, investors and lenders
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