As a provider of flexible workspaces through their private brand, Sharedspace, gives AIP a unique perspective in assisting other property owners in developing coworking / flexible workspaces. AIP’s  services include designing and implementing custom processes to optimize an owner’s coworking/flexible workspace to ensure an effective business model is created.

We work with strategic partners to focus on creating the most productive and collaborative workspaces. All with the aim of improving the performance of the professionals’ working with the space. Our focus is to help owners get the most out of their coworking\flex space, while providing them the tools to build a community that facilitates creating an amenity for their entire project.

We help eliminate mistakes with recommendations based on actually operating multiple coworking/ flex space locations in multiple cities. Without working with an experienced operator there is usually a loss of hands-on experience into the uniqueness associated with a coworking community and you’ll be flying blind and taking on unnecessary risk.

AIP’s approach will take the guesswork out of choosing a flexible workspace model by utilzing target market hands-on research and actual experience running coworking spaces to create a customized plan for each client.

To launch a successful flexible office space, it is crucial to identify, understand, and cater to the people who typically use flexible workspace and coworking facilities while differentiating yourself with your unique model. These characteristics can change dramatically based on a variety of geographical and demographic characteristics. After identifying the makeup of your local market, AIP compiles research to identify a coworking\flex “business case” for your particular project.

Through on research, owners will understand their desired market and understand its dynamics, customer segmentation, competitive playing field, and their capability to launch either a for profit or building amenity based community.

“As coworking consultants and operators we understand trends combined with actual experience which enables us to help create a roadmap in developing the right space for our clients from square footage, costs, staffing, office allocation, conference facilities, marketing and sales,” stated Daniel Levison founder of Sharedspace.

Working from a collaborative approach, we partner with property owners to find solutions to some of the biggest issues facing coworking owners helping them  build a member base that will become an internal salesforce.

AIP’s services include:

  • Workspace design – strategies for leveraging the work environment to sparking innovation, recruiting top talent and retaining creative and tech workers
  • Plan, launch and grow your coworking business
  • Create marketing and internet based marketing program to Increase your sales
  • Increase member retention through engagement and proven best practices
  • Train and develop community managers
  • Provide documentation for running a coworking\flex space
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support for founders and employees
  • Develop a highly engaged employee culture, across localized and remote teams
  • Develop efficient operational processes and procedures
  • Scaling and planning strategies for new or exciting coworking\flex spaces
  • If requested, fee based management of the actual coworking\flex space
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