Landlord Representation Services

AIP Properties’ Landlord Representation Program utilizes a process to help property owners evaluate and increase the value of their commercial property. The overall objective is to create traffic and to generate interest in the property from those tenants/companies who would benefit from the features the property has to offer.

Our marketing plans are designed to reach prospective tenants, companies and to expose a client’s property to those individuals, commercial brokers, agencies and economic development organizations that deal on a daily basis in commercial real estate matters.

Our marketing objectives include:

Making sure our clients properly is exposed to every available resource that may help find a prospective tenant/ companies for the building. To find and secure the best possible prospect for the property in the shortest amount of time.

In addition to blanketing the market AIP Properties will conduct a highly directed marketing program specifically tailored to identified prospects and designed to promote the property in the most effective manner possible.

To assist our clients with procuring quotes, cost, and if requested the management of any required improvements to secure qualified tenants for the building. Construction Management Services are handled through our strategic partnership with trusted construction we have long term relationships  and typically carry a fee of five to seven percent, depending on the size and scope of the improvements, if recommendations are ultimately utilized and suggested improvements made.

AIP Properties landlord representation program is broken down into six categories:

  • Property Analysis
  • Print & Digital Marketing
  • Brokerage Exposure Program
  • Direct Tenant ‘User” Promotion:
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Reporting

Although formulating and adhering to a marketing plan is critical, it is also important that the plan be flexible to allow for changing market conditions, changes in your objectives, and other matters that may affect the projects outcome and client objectives.

Property Analysis

Prior to presenting your property to the market, AIP Properties will develop a check list of questions pertaining to the property, the surrounding amenities, and the market competition.  AIP collects and then analyzes information regarding your property, as well as alternative properties, in order to identify advantages and disadvantages relative to the competition.

This process can require multiple meetings and discussions with key members of the client’s team.  If necessary, AIP Properties will integrate into this process relevant information obtained from the county and state governments regarding roads, zoning, variances, flood plain, utilities, and other pertinent data.

Print & Digital Marketing, Property Signage

Once the AIP Properties marketing team has a complete understanding of your facility, a presentation format will be established to succinctly and effectively communicate the facts and advantages of the subject property to the Atlanta commercial brokerage community and prospective tenants. The following marketing tools are typically utilized by AIP in a standard marketing assignment.

A color brochure featuring a photograph and floor plan (if provided by client)

A virtual 360 tour of the facility

If appropriate, AIP signage will be strategically placed on the property for maximum exposure to drive-by traffic.

Brokerage Property Exposure

Brokerage Community Promotion – the property will be immediately listed on Costar Information Services national database, Commercial Edge, Total Commercial, Brevitas, CREXI and Catalyst.

Additionally, all 1,300 active industrial real estate brokers registered with the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors will receive an electronic brochure on a bi-monthly basis through the Board’s Listserve through Catalyst.

Properties will also be marketed on a national and regional level through AIP membership in the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) and Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) website sites exclusively reserved for members.

Direct Tenant ‘User” Promotion:

Utilizing Costar’s as well as Real Property Resources and CCIM tenant information services AIP will identify the most logical end users of the facility and market directly to potential prospects.

Advertising and Public Relations

The appropriate organizations, such as, County Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and the Department of Industry and Trade organization in the municipalities where the subject exist  will be immediately made aware of the property’s availability. Follow-up discussions with these organizations will be made on regular intervals to keep them updated on the property’s status.


AIP provides updated market updates regarding  the accomplishments and results of our marketing efforts.

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